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Assessment Simplified

Simple to Use

This platform organises and streamlines the manual processes in simple steps to conduct assessments online with easy-to-follow administration, scoring, and interpretation.

Pay Per Use

You can pay to match your assessment needs. Cost-effective approach for assessment requirements with access to all the platform features.

Reliable & Accurate Measure of Capabilities

Standardised assessments can help to reduce such subjective judgements and help in making the accurate and effective decision about candidates.

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Enterprise Productivity on the move.

Hierarchical & Secure Messaging

Engage with distributed workforce in any boss-subordinate environment and share confidential data/media/file with team without leakage.

Field Force Tracking

Instant messaging, tasking and tracking large distributed workforces' productivity

Skilling & Calibration

Calibrate learning through customised content publishing, instant counselling & secure assessment

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